Job Clubs

Job clubs, or work clubs, are made up of a group of jobseekers; they can be formally run by employers and community groups, or formed by a small group of people, providing assistance and support. There are a variety of job clubs all of the country.


Skills & Learning is the largest provider of quality job clubs in the county and we are proud to support many more people with their pre – employment needs at locations throughout Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole. Whether you have been mandated to attend or just want to pop in to update you CV, you will find a warm welcome at our friendly and relaxed job clubs.

Job clubs around the UK are promoting employment opportunities to those who are currently unemployed. It aims at helping and providing opportunities to people of all ages from an unemployed student to someone who is a middle age. Job clubs are a charity organization who aim to tackle unemployment. Most counties in the UK have job clubs that are boosting employement among the new generation.

Employment is the key to living a secure life for both a family and as a singlr individual. A university degree should not be the deciding factor to getting employed. There are many job clubs and various other organisations that provide support and help one to find a job opportunity suited for him or her. There are organisations that provide you with CV support which and important guidelines in order to erdaicate unemployment. Below is a listing of various job clubs.

The M3 Job Club has been in operation since April 2011 and has two simple aims:

Vision: To become a recognised community service offering a talent resource for local business to increase employment opportunities and connect members to business. Our philosophy: We take a business-led, coaching style approach to guide members who already have enough people telling them what to do, to help them retake control of their situation.

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