Senior Citizens

‘You’re only as young as you feel’ the saying goes. For some old age is a very rewarding time but for others it can be a lonely experience. At the ABC we want you to enjoy your senior years and to be able to access the resources and help that are available.

At Forbes Solicitors we recommend that you consider making a Will, or reviewing your existing Will following any significant change in your personal or financial circumstances; and particularly when divorce or separation are a possibility.

Many charities offer free Will-writing services, including Marie Curie . You should not be under any pressure to leave anything to the charity, but you might want to. Marie Curie also has local legacy advisors who can help you if you are thinking about leaving a gift to the charity in your Will.

If you do use a Will-writing service, make sure it’s regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or belongs to the Institute of Professional Willwriters or The Society of Willwriters. These organisations operate a code of practice and require their members to have professional insurance.

Having your Will written professionally can give you great peace of mind. Each November, you can use a local solicitor who has signed up to Will Aid and you can enjoy the added feel-good factor of supporting nine leading UK charities.

Instead of paying your solicitor’s fee, you will be invited to make a donation to charity. The suggested voluntary donation is £95 for a basic Will or £150 for a pair of basic mirror Wills.

Severe weather is one of the biggest threats to the efficient day-to-day running of the country, and it’s for this reason Warwickshire has in place regularly tested procedures and means of reducing the impact of this on the community. The community however has an important role in taking measures to protect themselves.

Keeping warm is a vital part of keeping well in the winter particularly for older people, the young and those with chronic illness, as more people get ill and the number of deaths rise. In order to help people keep well this winter Public Health England has launched its ‘Stay Well this Winter’ campaign.


Keep Warm Its Winter is an information pack launched by the Lichfield District Strategic Partnership to help older people keep warm and well at home during winter.

The Keep Warm it’s Winter packs include leaflets from a host of local organisations that offer information on staying warm, eating well, keeping active and staying safe. Advice leaflets on money, debt, home adaptations and looking out for neighbours are also included as well as information on where residents can go for help.

  • If you are over 65, or have a health problem, heat your home to at least 18°C to keep warm.
  • Make sure that you have some warm slippers or shoes that have a good grip. Try to keep your feet up as the air is cooler at ground level.
  • Put on several warm, light layers of clothing which will keep you warmer than one thick layer. Have hot drinks, use a hot water bottle and if you're sitting down, put a blanket over you.
  • Keep moving – avoid sitting down for long periods as muscles become stiff and slow when they are cold. Even housework will generate body heat and help to keep you warm.

We can help you with Winter Fuel Payments, Warm Home Discount Scheme or Cold Weather Payment.

The Foundation encourages and co-ordinates donations from individuals and companies and works with local charities including Age UK Kensington & Chelsea to ensure that donations reach those most in need. The Foundation relies on these local charity partners to help them decide on the criteria for donating money to individuals, to assess requests and to do follow up work.

How Age UK Lewisham & Southwark helps older people in winter

Following the success of the Warm & Well In Winter programme over the last two years, Age UK Lewisham and Southwark is pleased to continue to offer this programme in partnership with Southwark CCG for Southwark residents this Winter 2016/17. The project aims to help older people keep warm and well throughout the winter in a number of ways.

With energy bills remaining stubbornly high, ensure you’re fully informed about the Warm Home Discount scheme – it’s financial assistance available from the government to help keep your heating costs down over the winter. If you’re over 60 and receiving the state pension you might qualify. Also, with the weather getting colder, your home may qualify for a free boiler, or if you simply want to know how much a replacement or repair would cost.

0800 048 0303

HelpAge International is a global network of organisations promoting the right of all older people to lead dignified, healthy and secure lives. We have a strong, value-based position which puts the experience of older women and men at the centre of our work.

The HelpAge International network has since grown steadily in size and influence. We now have over 100 Affiliates and many more partners in 65 countries across the world.

+44 (0)20 7148 7606

Support at home

Need help after a hospital stay? Our volunteers provide extra support and care at home.

Borrow a wheelchair

You can borrow a wheelchair and toilet aids such as commodes, seats and frames.

Transport support

Our transport support gives you independence if you can't get about easily by yourself.

Hand, arm and shoulder massage

We offer massages to promote wellbeing for those who need support at home.


The internet offers a wealth of opportunity for staying in touch with family and friends; gathering helpful information, even paying bills and shopping from the comfort of your own home. If you have never used the internet before it can seem daunting but once you take small steps you will find it is much more accessible than you might first believe.

A little bit of help

  • Equipment
  • Telecare
  • Meals
  • Maintaining your home

Arranging your own care

  • Funding your own care
  • Care at home
  • Residential care options
  • Housing alternatives

Welcome to Seniors Helping Seniors® an award winning elderly care service  providing non-medical, in-home services. We match seniors who need help with a senior care provider who wants to help.   We create a relationship built on your individual requirements and the ups and downs in your life. We can help meet your specific needs and provide a senior carer  who will match your personality and interests.

There are so many organisations that provide invaluable information and support to people affected by bereavement. Some serve a specific geographical area or people affected by a particular type of death. To avoid this page becoming just another phone directory  we have given details of just a selection below.

If you call us we will look for the organisation best suited to your own individual circumstances

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