Senior Citizens

‘You’re only as young as you feel’ the saying goes. For some old age is a very rewarding time but for others it can be a lonely experience. At the ABC we want you to enjoy your senior years and to be able to access the resources and help that are available.

TISA - Tax Incentivised Savings Association, is a unique industry-wide membership organisation. Our mission is to bring the UK financial services savings industry together to promote collective engagement, to deliver solutions and to champion innovation for the benefit of citizens, our industry and the nation.

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Founded in 1976, the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) is the UK’s largest and most recognisable professional body for employee benefit and retirement savings professionals, supporting over 6,500 members in 32 countries. 

Make the most of your money with our guides to savings and debt management.

We’re the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, the national association with a ninety-year history of helping pension professionals run better pension schemes. Our members include over 1,300 pension schemes with 20 million members and £1 trillion in assets, and over 400 supporting businesses. They make us the voice for pensions and lifetime savings in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels.

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We are England’s largest network of health walk schemes, helping people across the country lead a more active lifestyle. Our group walks are led by friendly, specially trained volunteers who are on hand to provide encouragement and support, and make sure no one gets left behind. Our walks are short and over easy terrain, and are open to everyone but are especially aimed at those who are least active.

RHL is an independent charity and company limited by guarantee. We are also a Social Enterprise, selling services to earn income in order to acquire financial sustainability.

In delivering social benefit and fulfilling our charitable aims, RHL works with many partners, be they funding partners or delivery partners. These partners come from all sectors, private, public and social and all have one thing in common, a wish to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals

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Find advice and tips on how to put healthy eating and an active lifestyle into practice, for life.

Healthy eating is an important lifestyle choice throughout life, and we know that we are always being told to eat a balanced diet, and not overdo it with fats and sugars, but this becomes even more important as we get older and our immune system and digestive system slows down and becomes less efficient.

Adult Social Services

  • Care and carers
  • Day services and activities
  • Disability
  • Transport for older people and disabled people
  • Money advice and benefits
  • Report a concern about an adult
  • Mental health and dementia
  • Adult social care leaflets and factsheets


Local services for Kent residents with specific health needs and our responsibility for public health.

Care and support

Where to get help if you or someone you care for needs support due to illness, disability, old age or low income

Integrated falls and bone health service

The Integrated Falls and Bone Health Service (IF&BHS) is a team that comprises of a variety of health professionals with a special interest in Falls and Bone Health. These are primarily physiotherapists working in conjunction with podiatrists, exercise facilitators and rehabilitation assistants.

What do we help with?

Independent living

We provide support at home, transport and mobility aids to help people when they face a crisis in their daily lives.

Health issues

We help vulnerable communities tackle health issues like HIV, TB and water and sanitation.

Social support overseas

We support elderly, socially isolated or otherwise vulnerable people around the world.

Looking after your teeth is really important, especially as you get older. It helps you enjoy your food, smile with confidence and generally feel good about yourself.

Connecting you with the UK’s biggest selection of financial advisers, mortgage brokers, solicitors and accountants, we’ve connected millions with the unbiased advice they need.

None of us knows what the future holds and that is why it’s essential to put plans in place which will cover every eventuality as you reach your later years.

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