Employment & Training

Search through our directory and guides to learn about gaining new skills and qualifications. There are many government run initiatives, as well as publicly funded courses that can improve your prospects. Find out about scholarships and part-time schemes.

Everywoman, since 1999, aims to become the expert in the advancement of women in business. We have a presence in over 100 countries, being recognised globally, as we have over 20,000 active members. 

We have achieved to help women develop themselves professionally at all levels and across a diverse range of sectors and industries. We also provide both high development tools and learning programmes in order to have a dramatic impact on the way women present themselves in front of prospect or current employers, as well as changing their views upot their own careers and futures. 

Discover your talent. If you are 18-24 and unemployed for more that 12 months, we'll give you the support of an expeienced and dedicated Talent Match Mentor who'll help you get to where you need to be.

There is no catch. Talent Match is completly free and won't effect your benefit entitlement. 

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