Work Overseas

Travelling the world is a desire of many, but it can be hard to afford and to arrange accommodation and activities. Search our directory for a list of opportunities that allow you to donate your time abroad, contributing to the destination’s country infrastructure and well-being.

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is a non-profit organisation that helps poverty struck areas by sending dedicated volunteers to achieve community goals, like better healthcare, more valuable education and broader opportunities. They are always looking for people to volunteer abroad to help these struggling areas. "Our volunteers, supporters, programme, corporate and institutional partners, who share so generously in order that lives might be transformed around the world."

Working Abroad is the international networking service for volunteers, workers and travellers. They offer over 1000 volunteer abroad organisations and overseas volunteer projects around the world searching for support from volunteers, all of which can be viewed and contacted for free using their online database.

They help people to volunteer in around 150 countries worldwide, including countries in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and North America. Volunteer abroad projects in different countries can be short term, long term, paid, unpaid, skilled, unskilled - it all depends on your needs, qualifications and personal interests.

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