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  • If you are over 65, or have a health problem, heat your home to at least 18°C to keep warm.
  • Make sure that you have some warm slippers or shoes that have a good grip. Try to keep your feet up as the air is cooler at ground level.
  • Put on several warm, light layers of clothing which will keep you warmer than one thick layer. Have hot drinks, use a hot water bottle and if you're sitting down, put a blanket over you.
  • Keep moving – avoid sitting down for long periods as muscles become stiff and slow when they are cold. Even housework will generate body heat and help to keep you warm.

 Bedford Borough Council is committed to reducing fuel poverty and has developed an Affordable Warmth Strategy 2013-16 and Action Plan 2015-16 to address fuel poverty across in the Borough, improve health and well-being and increase energy conservation, reducing carbon emissions. It comprises initiatives, working in partnership with local community organisations, to reduce households’ energy costs and increase households’ income and raise awareness of other help which is available.

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